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Bespoke Spa

Bespoke Spa offers luxury spa equipment such as customized treatment tables and customized hydrotherapy areas; luxury spa products (organic professional and retail products); luxury spa accessories (organic aromatic diffusers and organic aromatic candles).

As part of developing of the Bespoke Spa brand, Bespoke Unlimited has signed the exclusive representation agreement with Brusaferri & C.S.R.L, part of Italian Lemi Group.

Since Lemi group was founded in 1989, it has become the leader manufacturer of beauty, podology and medical equipment in the following fields: wellness & Spa, aesthetics, podiatry and medical field. Lemi exports to over 52 countries and 85% of production is focused on Europe, USA, Russia and Japan.

Functionality, Italian elegant design and quality enabled Lemi Group to manufacture beds, stools, trolleys, multifunction couches and state-of-the-art accessories which are a model for beauty, spa, podiatry and medical sectors.

Famous hotels in Europe have chosen Lemi as their preferred partner for spa, such as Capri Palace Hotel (Anacapri, Naples, Italy), Hilton Cavalieri (Rome, Italy), Hotel Relais & Chateaux Rosa Alpina (S.Cassiano, Italy), Chateau SaintMartin & Spa (Vence, côte d’Azûr, France), Chateau SaintMartin & Spa (Vence, côte d’Azûr, France), Hotel Georges V (Paris, France), The St. Regis Bali Resort (Bali, Indonesia), PT Pacific Resort (Bali, Indonesia) to name a few.

“In Mauritius Bespoke Unlimited and Lemi will concentrate on the sales of the spa equipment. We would like the local and regional hoteliers have a wider choice of suppliers when it comes to furnishing the luxury resort spas and the spas opening within the IRS & RES projects. We will also be securing partnerships with the local and regional interior design companies and architects. And we will be approaching the new clinics and hospitals to present Lemi’s medical equipment line” says Mrs. Glover-Webber.

Lemi’s great advantage is complete management of production. Lemi Group can offer a wide range of equipment created to meet different needs: the internal manufacture of upholsteries, for instance, enables to produce every single article in more than 50 colours. Moreover, the company has its own mechanical department provided with state-of-the art machinery. These elements contribute to make Lemi products unique and inimitable-in spite of several attempts to copy them-both in design and functionality. 

Speaking about the choice of equipment, we can’t just leave it up to chance: every cabin has its own profitability, which strongly influences its success. Lemi equipment offers the possibility to experience the importance of a truly multi sensorial experience and see the competitive advantage coming from the newest Wellness methodologies and tools! This is the chance to discover a new interpretation of Spa, thanks to products characterized by their groundbreaking design and functionality and aimed at turning the spa into an exclusive, inimitable and profitable space” says Mr. Emilio Brusaferri, The President of Brusaferri & C.S.R.L.

Choose from the three very unique atmospheres and styles presented by Lemi and discover how it changes the ambiance within a luxury resort spa:

  • Feeling Glam: modern blackand-white minimal design
  • Feeling Wood: natural atmosphere and the warmth of wood
  • Feeling Water: water and light for a multisensory wellness experience.

For more details and information, please contact Bespoke Unlimited: +230 4988001 or natasha@bespokeunlimited.com

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